Coffee subscription

Why Subscribe?
We offer special coffee blends
Fresh coffee
We give discount
You don't have to search for freshly roasted coffee any more. If you decide to subscribe, you will always have fresh coffee when you want.
Choose the right package for you
Pay at Blue Bird and enjoy a variety of freshly roasted coffee in your home, comfortably, with delivery, at a discounted price!

The Subscription Package consists of a 3 x 250 g coffee beans package that we deliver monthly to the address you specify.
The Roast Master favorite
Optional periods
Our roasting master selects every each month 3 coffee to present the most exciting flavors of that month. Ideal for those who like to experiment, try new things and enjoy pleasant surprises.
Optional periods
3 selected specifically for our quality Italian style coffee, all of which are selected for production site (SO). Ideal for those who are fond of medium to dark roasting, the hazelnut, chocolate flavor belongs to their daily coffee.
Prémium packages
Optional periods
For those who only want high-quality, single origin (SO) coffee in their homes. For lovers of African coffee, acidic, more exciting flavors, especially for filter. Ideal for those who want to have a gourmet package and prefer lighter roasting.
Crazy of blends
Optional periods
2 Packages Blue Cafe Blend and 1 Pack of Morning Blend Make sure the good morning starts! For those who are lovers of blend coffees who want easy-to-understand coffee for every coffee maker. This package contains a bit of robusta for those who love stronger coffee.
After a simple registration and subscription, you receive freshly roasted coffee every month
We only deliver the freshly roasted coffee. After roasting in five days you receive your own beans.
Coffee on the shelves of supermarkets sometimes last for months after the roasting, the date of packaging rarely matches the roasting date. If you subscribe to the products of Blue Bird Roastery, instead of unidentified„sawdust", you get a traceable, real fresh roasted coffee for your money.
Our roasting master regulary check the quality of the coffee, so you get only the
highest quality product from us.
Basics That You Should Know About Coffee
—because of itspleasant soft taste, the coffeeof the Arab world became the favourite of millions of coffee lovers worldwide.Arabicacoffee has a caffeine content somewhat lower than the Robusta, so its physiological effect differsas well. The Blue Bird Roastery offers you Arabica coffee of the highest quality from all over the world that isselected based on production areas.
—a strong, deep-flavoured coffee type; ithas characteristics that cannot be comparedto anything else. Robusta is used for producingcoffee blends —such as Blue Bird Blend —and it is rarely consumed by itself, as freshly brewed Robusta coffee drinks are extremely powerful.
Coffee Blend
—thefull-bodied, classicespresso is made from a mixture of several types of coffee. Proper assembly of freshly roasted coffee blends requires expertise and experience. Specialists of the Blue Bird Roastery offer a variety of coffee blends for the customers. You can even subscribe on coffee that you tasted in the shop and that is made on a professional coffee machine. This way you canenjoy the fresh coffee experience at home.
Single Origin (SO)
— is a coffee, selected by production areas. These coffees, unlike blends, come from aspecific plantationor farm. SO-coffee containsbeans onlyof highquality. The single coffees arecharacterized by special flavours;while roasting,the expert of the Blue Bird Roastery is working to show the best possible side of these excellent beans.
Ground coffee
— freshly roasted coffee preserves its flavour for at least two months (the expiration date is few years), but it is the finest,when grinding is donerightbefore brewing. If you do not have the possibility to grind the coffee, or if there isnotanyquality grinder in your possession, our baristaswillingly grind your coffeeat the Blue Bird Roastery shop.
Coffee as a gift
— there is no better gift than a premium quality fine coffee. In the Blue Bird you cancompose your own coffee blend, so you can giveyour family and friends unique coffeeas a gift.
How to discontinue or cancel the membership?
If you ever decide to cancel or pause your membership, it's enough to send a message or email to us, and we will immediately suspend the delivery of coffee. Of course, the amount of the subscription (from witch we deduct the price of the delivered packages) will be refunded to our customers.

If you are going to vacation or want to pause membership for some other reason, let us know about it, It's not a problem either.

Blue Bird Team is always ready to help you! Let's have a coffee together.